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Solutions For Instructors


We know how challenging it can be to make the shift to student-centered active learning instruction. Visual Classrooms is designed to enhance your preferred teaching style, not replace it.


How We Help Instructors

  • Lead productive discussions
  • Make lectures more interactive
  • Assess student understanding in real time
  • Promote collaboration and team-based learning
  • Give ESL students a voice in discussion


“Millennials are asynchronous kids. They’ve been raised in a world of online interaction and communication and often feel more comfortable opening up virtually. Once they have, then they are more willing to take greater risks in face-to-face discussions. Shy students became more active and engaged because they could work at their own pace. This would not have been possible without Visual Classrooms.”

Gary Garber - Boston University Academy


It Just Works

Flip your classrooms to save time and make face-to-face or online discussions more engaging and productive.


Rubric Based Analytics

Auto-grade based on participation (posts, replies, attachments) and multiple choice right/wrong.   Watch Video

LMS Integration

Seamless integration with all Learning Management Systems - Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle. No second login, easily get students where they need to be.  Watch Video


Virtual Sections

Divide large classes into online cohorts  Watch Video

Grade With Points

For discussion prompts, easily give points to students/groups directly from the shared workspace.   Watch Video



Free and Pre-Built Activities

Great products that you already use know that active learning is an integral part of their offering. Check out our partners to see how to get activities aligned with your textbook.

Openstax provides free textbooks and we are creating homework, labs, and in-class discussions to accompany them.

Simbio has curated active learning activities that supplement their amazing textbooks.