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Easily Deliver Cloud Based Interactivity


Instructors expect your digital solution to be more than an ebook. Deliver interactivity and connectivity with ease

Add a new revenue stream and make your customers more satisfied, all with almost no overhead or upfront costs.

See how our current partners are using Visual Classrooms to support and leverage their offerings.


Providing Value for Publishers

  • Near zero cost to publisher
  • Adds new revenue stream
  • Provide a platform for active learning
  • More students make more use of your content


“We’ve been very happy with both the customer response, and as a consequence have made a significant investment in building out our Visual Classrooms portfolio of activities. We have had a fantastic response from customers who tried them.”

Dr. Eli Meir, President, SimBiotic Software



How Instructors Access Publisher Content

Bundle content aligned activities into Visual Classroom “Collections” to distribute to instructors and institutions. Don't waste your time with LMS packages for every vendor.

Make it easier for your customers to use your content more. We have the technology, you have the great content, together we are stronger.