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Simbio has curated a series of Visual Classroom activities that supplement particular modules of their Simutext ecology textbook. These focus on collaborative learning and helping instructors connect individual student work and ideas to classroom discussions. The SimBio activities are bundled into “Collections” that accompanies each module.




The Simbio activities focus on having students make predictions about outcomes. What happens if you remove the top predator? What happens if nutrient levels are halved?

Our visually driven platform allows both instructors and students to easily compare, contrast, and discuss students" ideas.

The following image is a sample of student responses to a prompt about Modes of Selection and asks students to draw each of the three modes of selection in terms of fitness.


Lead more effective discussions and bring student work from home into the classroom.




The Visual Classrooms student subscription fee is completely covered for Simutext customers. So if you buy their entire textbook, there is no additional fee for Visual Classrooms.

Discounts are provided for purchasers of Simbio simulation bundles, inquire with Simbio.